Donors Make It Matter Donors Make It Matter Donors Make It Matter

Around the world, patients with rare and chronic diseases rely on plasma protein therapies for treatment. These therapies are made possible by plasma donors—the people dedicated to making it matter for patients in need.


Shining a Light on Plasma Donation

COVID-19 is highlighting the importance of plasma donation in a new way, and on a global stage. Yet plasma donation has always been vitally important, and it is necessary to help make life-changing medicines for a number of different conditions such as hemophilia, primary immunodeficiency disease, and cancer.

But there continues to be a need for more plasma to develop these medicines, which means more donors and their donations are essential. We have the power to help.

Working Together to Make It Matter

Two organizations dedicated to bringing more awareness to the need for plasma donation are the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance and Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA.)

While the CoVlg-19 Plasma Alliance is working to develop a potential medicine for COVID-19, the PPTA helps ensure the quality and safety of plasma collection and advocates for greater access to therapies.

Working Together to Make It Matter

Two Ways to Help


COVID-19 donation
If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and are fully recovered, the antibodies in your plasma may help scientists develop a medicine. Find out how you can help.


All other donations
If you haven’t had COVID-19, your plasma is still needed to treat a wide range of rare and chronic diseases. Find a donor center near you.


Sharing Our Donor Stories

As part of our #DonorsMakeItMatter campaign, hear from our employees on their own experiences with plasma donation, and learn more about the donation process.

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