Learning Center

Learning Center

Helping you create and sustain a blood management program

In our ongoing commitment to partnering with customers to transform blood management, we recognize that sharing clinical insights and best practices is key. That’s why we are continually advancing our thought leadership and research, enhancing our training resources, and building our library of educational materials to help ensure that you have a comprehensive array of resources to increase your knowledge about blood management and our portfolio of Arm to Arm® solutions.

Our learning center is a repository for this information, and we believe it will support your efforts to stay abreast of the dynamic changes in the blood management field. Access the following helpful resources to learn more.

Product Training

We provide a range of training resources to assist you in optimizing the use of our devices and integrated software solutions. We also offer value-added consulting services. Access the following links to learn more, and be sure to check back often for updates.

Thought Leadership and Research

We are committed to providing the evidence-based thought leadership and research that supports your ability to optimize blood management solutions — from articles and abstracts to reference lists and white papers. Visit the links below to access these resources.

Professional Education

Our professional education resources are designed to educate you about the broad field of blood management so you can stay up to date with current trends and best practices. See below for more information.

Coming soon: a "Members Only" site with new content. Stay tuned!