ACP®215 Preventive Maintenance (PM) On-line Training Course

The intent of this training is to familiarize US military/NATO biomedical technicians with service procedures for our ACP®215 system’s annual Preventive Maintenance requirement. This course is conducted online via the internet with a multi-media approach to remote learning, including interactive review and examination, along with embedded videos demonstrating PM procedure steps per the ACP 215 Service Manual (also provided). This program is currently only available to the US Military and NATO partners globally, all locations; government email address required for access.

If you have any questions about seminar arrangements, please call Product Support at +1.800.537.2802 or +1.781.348.1390.

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If you have any questions about seminar arrangements, please email Product Support.

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This interactive training program for ACP 215 Preventive Maintenance covers procedures for:

  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Diagnostics
  • Calibration

This is a self-paced program that can take between 2-5 hours for a learner to complete. The program is multimedia rich, containing video demonstrations of the critical techniques, interactive exercises that help increase understanding, and a learner assessment based on the course content.

Upon successful completion of the seminar, you will receive a seminar completion document suitable for framing (this document certifies technician on ACP 215 Preventive Maintenance for one year from issue date – annual re-certification is required).*

*Haemonetics does not warrant or certify the ability, proficiency, or skills gained by attendees as a result of this training.

Contact us for tuition details as costs and requirements do vary.

Tuition includes:
  • Service manual (provided in PDF download)
  • 30-day access pass to online ACP 215 PM training course
  • Interactive exam to verify course completion Service manual

*The tuition amount is subject to change and is not guaranteed until we receive a registration form with your purchase order.

Online access pass is assigned based upon receipt of your registration form along with your purchase order or credit card information.