PCS®2 Maintenance Classes

PCS®2 Maintenance Classes are offered approximately every month throughout the calendar year. This highly effective training program is provided at no charge to all plasma center personnel who work with the PCS2. Additional training may be requested on a fee basis.

Upon successful completion of the PCS2 Maintenance Class, attendees will receive a certificate that recognizes their increased knowledge and skill set, and is suitable for framing.

Maintenance Training Steps 

Step 1: Complete Precertification Training
Step 2: Register for a Maintenance Training Class
Step 3: Attend a Maintenance Training Class
Step 4: Complete Recertification Annually

Complete Precertification Training

Using the PCS®2 Service Training CD issued to your center, complete the required training. After you finish the CD training, take this PCS2 Online Test. Save the Certificate of Completion for the Precertification Test, you will need this PDF file in Step 2.

Register for a Maintenance Training Class

You will need to complete our online registration form which will ask you some general questions and require you to upload proof of precertification completion (PDF saved from Step 1).

Click here for more information.

Attend a Maintenance Training Class

After attending and successfully passing the Maintenance Training Class, you will receive a PCS®2 Maintenance Technician Certificate.

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Complete Recertification Annually

At this time, recertification is not being instituted. When/if this should change, a Haemonetics manager will issue a letter to your corporate trainer letting them know you must start recertifying online to keep your certificate active or you can always come back to this page for updates.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions about our classes, please email us at PCS2MaintenanceSeminars@Haemonetics.com

If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 1-800-356-3506 Opt #1.