Process Improvement

With the help of our consulting services, blood centers can improve their collection programs to better align with hospital demand. We partner with your organization to understand your objectives, examine your data, compare them to “best practices,” and recommend ways to help you to achieve your goals, increase efficiency, and improve the experience of your donors.

Improve efficiency, lower costs

Our consulting services can streamline your operations and help you collect the right products in the most efficient way. To do this, our business design analysts — who have extensive knowledge of the blood collection industry and Lean and Six Sigma training — create programs tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Case Studies 

  • LifeServe Blood Center in Iowa is dedicated to saving lives View document
  • United Blood Services Rocky Mountain Region reduces per-procedure costs by 10% View document
  • Multi-state blood center increases O- type red cells by 7% View document

Blood Collection Program Optimization
  • Our business analysts will partner with you to demonstrate new ways to design, implement, and monitor an automated collection program using our unique Six Elements of Automation program that will help maximize the use of your technology and compare your current program to industry best practices.
Blood Center Production and Cost Optimization
  • Using data-driven analysis, we can help you maximize the collection of high-demand blood components and improve visibility and understanding of your cost per unit collected in order to help you adjust your strategy to reduce overall costs.
Mobile Blood Drive Set-Up Modeling
  • Through a systematic approach, we analyze the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your mobile drives. Our proprietary tools enable us to take an objective, data-driven view of your entire mobile operation and make recommendations to help you improve efficiency and reach your collection goals.
Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • Our business analysts use structured problem-solving methodologies to make an objective evaluation of your entire operation and devise new ways to help improve workflow, increase capacity, reduce cycle and wait times, standardize work, reduce errors, develop better staffing plans, and enhance your center’s efficiency.
Recruitment Systems Design and Education
  • We offer a broad array of recruitment training programs that can help you attract and retain the right donors and drive sponsors. Training includes: donor conversion, account management, tele-recruitment, call list generation, and education programs.
Case Studies
  • LifeServe Blood Center in Iowa is dedicated to saving lives View document
  • Multi-state blood center increases O- type red cells by 7 % View document
  • UBS North Dakota Region realizes a 6% decrease in cost per procedure View document
  • UBS Rocky Mountain Region reduces per-procedure costs by 10% View document