Blood Management Solutions

At Haemonetics, we understand the importance of improving patient care and reducing the cost of healthcare for blood centers, hospitals and plasma centers.This has become more important than ever given the many challenges you face. To address these issues, we offer a portfolio of solutions that works together to connect every critical element in the blood supply chain to help you manage costs and enhance efficiencies in the following ways:

  • Blood centers – we advance products and services to help ensure blood safety, improve operational efficiency and collect the blood components in the greatest demand.
  • Hospitals – we provide information and solutions that enable healthcare professionals to improve patient care and economic outcomes in critical settings.
  • Commercial Plasma centers – we offer innovative technologies that enables higher plasma yield collections, improve productivity in our customers’ centers, enhance the overall donor experience and provide safe and reliable collections that will become life-changing medicines for patients. 

Learn more about how our blood management solutions can assist your organization by accessing these helpful resources.