Solutions for Blood Centers

Improve the effectiveness of your collection program

Blood collection centers face many challenges, making collection more difficult than ever before — from increasing operational efficiencies to meeting strict regulatory guidelines to recruiting and retaining the right donors. It is critical that your blood center operates in the most efficient manner possible to reduce your internal costs and align your supply with the demand of your hospital constituents. Additionally, your collections must be effectively planned, donor information must be accurately captured, and after the donations have been collected, blood products must be properly labeled, tested, preserved, and protected before shipment. We have a range of devices, whole blood technologies, and services available to help you:

  • Increase efficiency, productivity, and compliance on the donation floor with our Donor Process Automation Suite
  • Collect the blood components in the greatest demand with our MCS®+ 8150 multicomponent collection system that provides you with the flexibility to run multiple protocols on the same device  
  • Maximize your collection of high-demand blood components and adjust your collection strategy in order to reduce your overall collection costs with the help of our consulting services
  • Attract and retain the right donors and drive sponsors by accessing our broad array of recruitment training programs

Access these resources to learn more about how we can help you solve your complex challenges, or visit our products page to view our entire portfolio of blood management solutions, including whole blood technologies.