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Leadership in plasma management

Plasma-derived therapies provide crucial quality of life enhancing and life-saving treatments for a broad range of indications including immune deficiency, blood and liver disorders, and surgical applications. With demand for these therapies growing rapidly around the world, plasma collectors require innovative solutions to scale their operations safely and compliantly to meet this need now and into the future. 

Haemonetics’ Plasma Business Unit has a long history of innovation in plasmapheresis. Our comprehensive portfolio of plasma collection products and services reflects our deep commitment to the plasma industry, supporting each facet of the collection and management process to help ensure plasma-derived therapy providers around the world have a safe and reliable supply of plasma to produce treatments for patients. 

Working with Haemonetics provides commercial plasma collectors with a complete plasmapheresis product and support solution that includes:

  • Plasma Collection Devices & Consumables
    • Sophisticated plasma collection devices engineered to provide a comfortable, safe experience for donors while maximizing operating efficiency, yield, and cost effectiveness for the center
    • Complete offering of procedure consumables with unparalleled quality, performance, and supply scale.
  • Donor Management Software
    • Software solutions that engage and support donors and center staff through each step of the plasma collection and management process, optimizing throughput and ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Business Optimization Services
    • Field and remote based consultative support to enhance plasma center efficiency and productivity.

Our broad range of products and services, including whole blood technologies, make us the partner of choice for plasma collectors. Access these resources to learn more.

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